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Amarsvati Luxury Resort Condotel & Villas Malimbu, Lombok

Earn Profitable Passive Income and Rejuvenate Your Soul on AMARSVATI

Why Condotel?

Why would we prefer to invest a Condotel than an apartment? 

Based on estimated average, Condotel has a rental income up to 8 - 25% each year. While apartment is just 5 - 10% each year.

We also no need to worry about the service charge, management, unit maintenance. Because all of that is already handled by operator.

We just need to enjoy our passive income.

Why Lombok?

Why Amarsvati?

Amarsvati, its name derived from the Sankrit. Words of Amar & Svati, meaning THE BRIGHTEST STAR AMONGST ALL. Amarsvati is an elegant, world-class sanctuary conceived by our london-based master architect and interior design team. Every view is presented with a quiet sense of luxury, making Amarsvati the true idyll that's yours trully.

It's only 50km drive to Lombok International Airport, takes 15mins drive to Senggigi, 15mins drive to Gili Trawangan and 25mins drives to the capital city Mataram. Set in 1.1 hecters of tropical bay garden on South-Western coast of Lombok, The Amarsvati Resort Condotel & Villas is set to be the next leading lifestyle and tourism destination for the world. Enjoy postcard views everyday at its idyllic location that overlooks lush nature, turqoise water, and the most majestic island sunset vistas. With direct access to major roads linking to the new Lombok airport plus other key amenities and landmarks, Amarsvati will be the perfect vaction stay for rejunvenation and fun at the untouched natural paradise of Lombok island.

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